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Translations: We are seeking to translate our films into as many languages as possible. If you are fluently bilingual and would like to help with translating our films into your languages, please get in touch.

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Sigma offers the finest quality lenses for almost all camera types. Versatile, high quality lenses for any photographer.

Humanity is about capturing the essence of human life around the world and grateful to do so through lenses made by Sigma.

Pamela Buckingham  -  Vasilis Kyriakidis  -  Athina Petrou  -  Kostas Papadakis  -  Tasos Alevisos  -  Kostas Korozis  -  Matina Sakka  -  Dimitris Fatouros  -  Lito Floraki  -  Kostas Chatzifotis  -  Dr Pavlos Kavouras  -  Kelly McCall  -  Ian Winer  -  Robin Burcell


Dodley Bathalier  -  Fernando Gonzalez & The Gonzalez Family  -  Ishmael Nieves  -  Macao Surf Camp  -  Loréus Jeanne Exeline  -  Marie Niquette Pierre  -  Burak Yilmaz  -  Maria Del Carmen Quiroz Urban  -  Alma Estrada  -  Dondy Cruz  -  Jose Castro  -  Cristina Larregui  -  Abraham Delgado Román  -  Priscila León  -  Discover Puerto Rico  -  John Paul Polo  -  The la Torre Family