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**NOTE: This film is in Bulgarian - please choose your language from the YouTube subtitles menu**

A Balkan country with a rich history and well-preserved traditions, Bulgaria is a welcoming country full of hospitable people and cultural diversity.

Explore aspects of life and culture in Bulgaria through this short film and listen to the messages that Bulgarians sent to the rest of the world. 🇧🇬

Our goal is to create a global mosaic of cultural, human-focused films that capture a real look at life in every country of the world.

Our films also offer local people the chance to share a message with the rest of the world. Through these films we aim to break down the prejudices and discrimination that are born from a lack of information, or misinformation about people around the world. We are one species, one planet.

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MUSIC by AShamaluevMusic

PRODUCER Peter Zlatev

VOICEOVER Metodi Marinov

TRANSLATIONS: български / English - Michaela Yaneva
Ελληνικά - Manos Mitikas
Español - Abraham Delgado Román