The Project

What is Humanity?

Humanity is a non-profit media project creating a real look at life around the world through short films and photography and using the sharing of unbiased, free information to increase human connectivity.

Humanity aims to capture the reality of life in all 199 countries, 28 territories and at least 19 other culturally significant locations to break down prejudices and unite the human species.

On December 10, 2018 two exploration filmmakers departed on what is planned to be a 6-year journey to connect people around the world through engaging, human-focused media.

Humanity aims to give viewers a sense of each country and the chance hear the people of each country talk to them face-to-face.

We want to make as many people as possible think differently, respect diversity, and understand that our cultural differences shouldn’t obscure our shared humanity.

Apart from borders, gender, colour, religion, race or other prejudices we have one truth in common...we are all humans. One species, one planet.

We are all humanity.