Meet the Creators of Discover Humanity

Welcome to Humanity, we are the founders of this project, Manos Mitikas and Denéa Buckingham.

We are people from almost opposite walks of life.

Manos is a civil engineer from Thimena, a small island of only 80 inhabitants in Greece’s eastern Aegean.

Conversely Denéa, an entrepreneur and social media consultant for many years, hails from some of the world’s largest cities including Sydney, Australia and Seattle, USA.

Meeting by chance during a project with a non-profit organisation, we connected through our passion for humanity and discovering the world around us. We realised a shared belief that there is something missing from our species today, despite our connectivity and the ease of modern communication. Moreover, we found a shared desire to do something about it.

The concept for Humanity arose from our shared realisation that we harbour blind prejudices for foreign cultures often simply due to a lack of information, or misinformation.

We wondered what biases could we break down by giving people the chance to take a real look at life around the world, and listening to the words of other people.

We have decided to leave our jobs, friends, family and the comforts of our easy modern lives in pursuit of a higher goal, to find and share Humanity. 

This project began with the two of us but since its inception it has grown to include partners and volunteers from over 10 countries.

Join us as we discover Humanity.

- Manos and Denéa