Take a real look at life around the world.

Apart from borders, gender, colour, religion, race or other prejudices we have one truth in common…we are all humans.

One species, one planet.

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Location #1: Haiti

The country of Haiti is a fascinating, beautiful melting pot with influences from Africa, the Caribbean, France and its own very powerful culture.



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Location #2: Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic shares the island of Hispaniola with Haiti and yet the cultures are distinctly different. With a Spanish influence and history of cultural evolution, the Dominican Republic is a fascinating place.


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Location #3: Puerto Rico

The news about Puerto Rico these days is less than positive. In the face of hardship we experienced a place full of warmth, kindness and a rich, beautiful culture that deserves to be shared with the world.


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Location #4: Cuba

The country-island of Cuba is a unique place, rich in history and culture. To discover the human face of Cuba take the road less travelled.


Location #5: Mexico

An enormous country both geographically and in its cultural diversity, Mexico is home to a fascinating array of languages, cultural groups and much more.


Location #6: Guatemala

Guatemala is a unique and extremely culturally diverse country. With 26 different indigenous dialects and ways of life varying from urban high-rises to traditional huts, Guatemala is a journey of discovery.


Location #7: Bulgaria

The Balkan country of Bulgaria is rich in heritage and culture. From small mountain towns to ornate churches and big cities, there is humanity to discover throughout Bulgaria.


Location #8: Serbia

A quiet and lush place of farms and green landscapes, life in Serbia is slow and beautiful to discover.



COMING SOON - Location #9: Kosovo

The youngest country in the world, Kosovo is a place of European culture and youthful energy.

COMING SOON - Location #10: Cyprus

The island-nation of Cyprus has thousands of years of preserved heritage and traditions that are still celebrated today.

COMING SOON - Location #11:


Lebanon is a country of contrasts - rich, green mountains full of Cedar trees and the perfect, blue sea where thousands of fishermen make their living. From food to culture there is so much to discover with the people of Lebanon.

COMING SOON - Location #12: Egypt

One of the world's greatest ancient civilisations and its modern incarnation are all to be discovered in Egypt.

COMING SOON - Location #13: Vietnam

A Southeast Asian nation known for its smiles and vast food culture.

COMING SOON - Location #14:


Cambodia has changed dramatically throughout the years and suffered greatly from war and tragedy. This lovely country however retains its kindness, joy and love of life.


COMING SOON - Location #15:


One of Southeast Asia's most culturally diverse countries, Laos is a place of wild nature and fascinating lives.